My Biography

How did things come to this?

As it comes for many writers nowadays, I suppose… Along my childhood, I had no other refuge than books, and no other friends than the characters in them.

The first time an adult took a look on my works, he told me I’d better give up writing. I think I was eight, but that didn’t impress me much: when one reads a line without considering the rest of the text, everything can seem boring.

Anyway, advising me to stop writing or stop breathing would be the same. So, I kept writing… Stories about mutations, genetic and transformations and animal anthropomorphism were my favorite subjects.

To continue the adventure by myself was just… Logic.

Later in highscool, I temporary found myself a public: My first short story was published on the school’s daily paper, story I have been writing in live: the lines were red the day I wrote them. Oddly, the other students sometimes came just to see me writing.

Then my mother gave me a Brussolo’s, I consider this author as my master in Anticipation: With this book, my taste for anticipation, tortured and terrifying stories was born. Then, “Killing is useless” (in French:”Rien ne sert de tuer”) appeared for the first time in the school’s daily paper. I remember that student who asked me one day: “But before, it was cute… Why is it so horrible now?”

This question still makes considering people seemed to appreciate “Killing is useless” more than the so-cute-thingie-published-before.

At the same time, I was writing poems about the turbulent life I had knew in less than five years, And several short stories inspired by my most curious dreams.

During a journey in Noirmoutier, I started to read the first thriller I could grab… … The style disgusted me so much, than I quit reading before finishing the first page! But an idea popped in my head: “Why if people were payed for any death among their relatives?” I had no clue for it, but I was about to write my longest novel ever.


Montgomery Almighty the detective was born. A character of mine who lived the most long life,also the only detective who grows older in all the World… Or actually, in all the Solar System. I often wrote five of his investigations, and to hold that rythm, I was writing in bed, while eating, in the bus…

More often in class, and it seemed my teachers let me do it.

Then I submitted to an editor (at the author’s expanse one) my first poem collection “Dawns & Twilights” (in French: “Aurores & Crépuscules”), Who never payed my royalties, in spite of the obvious fact that my collection has been sold several times, and sold out on some websites – sales for which I earn nothing.

I learned by chance those epic sales, so I tried to get explanations from the editor, who disappeared because of a liquidation motivated by this: “Didn’t pay some authors”.

I was also registered on National Library of France (Bibliothèque Nationale de France, or BNF), only for this poem collection!

I kept writing, offering to my relatives to write for them books based on their ideas, then came “Until War do them part” (in French: “Jusqu’à ce que la Guerre les sépare…”), and “The Glass Ship” (in French: “Le Vaisseau de Verre”).

It became later “The Four Units” (in French: “Les Quatre Unités”), then, “The Inigominas”, a book that counts now five volumes.

Here I am now, launching self-publishing for my works, while I’m about to start a whole new Spatial Conquest novel…

Who knows where it will take me…?


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