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[Concluded] DNAbuses Volume III: “A mysterious ill increases my libido to an unbearable level”

Good evening, dear readers! I’m glad to tell you I’m currently writing a third volume to “DNAbuses”. I’m already on the second part of it, so I think it’s really on the way! Lire cet article en français


[Concluded] “BioHazardSphere”

Good Evening, dear readers. On this 19th March, I’d like to introduce you a new catastrophic Sci-Fi book. Untitled for soon clear reasons “BioHazardSphere”, it’s one of my husband’s idea. As I found it particularly interesting, I decided to work on it while thinking about with him.    Lire cet article en français

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[Concluded] DNAbuses Volume II: “It’s not ’cause I waltz a little bit with hurricanes…”

Good evening, dear readers! On this 17th of March, I’m pleased to inform you that “DNAbuses” will soon have a second Volume! This time, the central character of the story isn’t the same, but don’t worry: we’ve already met him in the first Volume.    Lire cet article en français

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[Concluded] DNAbuses Volume I: “The emergency which urged me to offer my DNA to my wife.”

Good evening, dear readers! I’m writing a new sci-fi novel since this week-end. Its inspiration comes from recent human DNA rewriting technologies I’ve read about on Twitter. As I follow Steven Tucker M.D., who posts astonishing quantities of links to no less astonishing articles, I’ve been especially attracted by those told new technologies, that overtake a few sci-fi… Picture out …


“The Time Jewel”, my next publishing project!

Good Evening Everyone! I’ve decided to talk about my next publishing project yet: it’s a novel I really love: “The Time Jewel”. Short and efficient. With a title like this, everything is understood. But let’s be not so sarcastic! This book depicts adventures in Africa, journeys in Europe, Russia and time, covers thefts in Museums, archeological excavations, Convents in madness, …


[Concluded] The Inigominas Volume V: “Promised Earth…?”

Good evening everyone!   Recently back to my first literature loves, I started to write a new Sci-Fi book almost two weeks ago. I spend almost every two nights in writing this book which, I can say it, has on me the same effect than before, and I think I hold this performance half thanks to the delicious coffee my …