[Concluded] “My Dear Angel…”

Good evening dear readers, This Saturday, I’ll talk about a pretty ancient short story. Romance, fantasy, this is what I’m giving you…  Lire cet article en Français

Un garçon sans histoire

[Concluded] A boy without history…

Good evening dear readers,   I’m keeping up with the series of old books I never told about, with this time a magical story… As a huge time travels’ lover, this book is centered on an unexpected journey…  Lire cet article en Français

Lune de cuivre

[Concluded] Moon of Copper

Good evening dear readers,   This book is recent, compared to some I told you about lately. I talked about my passion for time traveling… Then it’s time for a little trip in the past! Read the full book in French on Wattpad Lire cet article en Français

J'aime pas le monde réel

[Concluded] I don’t like the real world…

Good evening dear readers,   The book I’m about to sum up is pretty old, but as I referred to it in my article about “When one plays with the feelings…”, I found right to sum it up. Read the full book in French on Wattpad  Lire cet article en Français

Quand on joue avec les sentiments

[Concluded] When one plays with the feelings…

Good morning dear readers! Yes, it’s been a while since I last posted on that blog, though I had an intense period of writing various fanfictions. I also wrote some novels of a little size that couldn’t have a sequel, as the one I’m telling you about… Read the full book in French on Wattpad Lire cet article en Français


[Concluded] DNAbuses Volume V: “Saving the World is only a bonus…”

Good morning dear readers! I’m glad to announce you that, after months and missed tries, worthless works and other improductive times, I finally offered a fifth volume to my saga DNAbuses! Please find here the links to the articles about the four first volumes! Lire cet article en Français  


[Concluded] The Providential Host

Good evening dear readers, This evening, I put an end to an other book I left aside for a while. This time, it’s a supernatural story I’m going to tell you in a few lines… Lire cet article en Français


[Concluded] Quantum Cabin

Good morning dear readers! I’ve been far from writing for a long while. In fact, I was busy with an other artistic occupation I got to make big projects concrete with. But I recently got back to the basis, ending a sci-fi book I left aside.  Lire cet article en Français