[Concluded] Clepsydra, a new ecolo-catastrophic novel

Good morning dear readers!

It’s been a long time I haven’t concluded a book big enough to be noted, then I’m pleased to announce I’ve concluded “Clepsydra”.

Yes, I haven’t told you about it yet, so this is the opportunity to discover what awaits you in this new science-fiction novel.

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“Clepsydra” is a world where no drinkable waterdrop is left.

Most of the animals have disappeared from Earth’s surface, and Humans die from thirst more often than from hunger.

A world where mankind doesn’t fear monsoons and floods only for the simple risk of being drowned.

A world where Humans live totally naked in order to get more chances to survive, where areas like Canada and Poland are real tropical jungles.

This world doesn’t give to human life the same value than we do, and only the richest humans can have meat substitutes that are cultivated like bacterias.

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