[Concluded] Connected

Good Evening dear readers!

In this 28th of October 2017, I just concluded a 200-pages long sci-fi novel, called “Connected”!

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This is a story that may remind of “Minority Report”, though I did all I could to step away from it when I realized there were similarities between this movie and the story I began.

Indeed, it’s about a world where everybody wears cerebral implants allowing to access memory, hearing and vision.

The Illustrious Great Watchmen are the key of this system, they are the ones who monitor every second the perceptions of the people who are “connected” to what one calls “The Network”, thanks to millions of screens rendering the perceptions the chips emit.

Every mature person also owns an epidermal overlay able to reproduce the fingerprints of those who touch it.

Everything is perfectly calm, and the Trackers, policemen of those idyllic times, don’t really have much to do of their days…

Until Mikcha Sougipan, Young Tracker from the Force 4, misses a collision with an old lady’s vehicle, an old lady who doesn’t even remember she even took the wheel…



It’s a friendship story, a reliable support that will keep him clung to life every second.

It’s also a love story, intense and blinding for our hero.

It’s a human adventure, with its lot of treason and disappointments…

But also a journey to the depths of human psychology.


Will you lead the investigation…

… Or will the investigation lead you?