[Concluded] DNAbuses Volume V: “Saving the World is only a bonus…”

Good morning dear readers!

I’m glad to announce you that, after months and missed tries, worthless works and other improductive times, I finally offered a fifth volume to my saga DNAbuses!

Please find here the links to the articles about the four first volumes!

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In this whole new volume,

We arrive in a world populated by amnesiac humans living like in the Middle Ages, assembled around a unique belief: The All-Powerful Great Bird.

But this Great Bird, who are they?

Nothing but an intelligent archeopteryx, able to control the weather…

The world will have to face the return of a terrifying deadly fever, and the unexpected resistance of an antique parasite, two scourges those from the ancient world had found no real remedy…


Here is a teaser from this new volume:

“I wonder who’s hiding under this scarf…” The face of the stranger came back to his memory… And he shook his head: “Focus, the danger is too big to daydream… “But he couldn’t resist when he saw the eyes: he sighed: “If only I was completely human…” 


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