[Concluded] Dokagos

Good evening, dear readers!

As I concluded the novel called “Coexistence”, which is composed of “The Golden Otter”, “Lota-7”, “Dokagos” and “The Lideka Clan”, here are the details about the third chapter.

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I thought I would write only one sequel to “The Golden Otter”, but I realized I could do much more.

So I wrote “Dokagos”, a 95 pages long new sequel, about organized gangs that threaten or global scale, with the unique goal is to annihilate the hybrids, who are as numerous as humans.

This occurs in a tensed political and social climate, as humans think they should expell hybrids, as the ressources are slowly lacking, and humans denounce the enormous hunger of the hybrids.

We meet Osien’s brother, Daltiat Lideka, a delinquant who will follow Osien in his voluntary exile to an other planet.


But the Dokagos, are also a specie of giant antique felines, that once threatened the human Colony newly-arrived on Olik B-578.

And the Dokagos are back…