[Concluded] Lota-7

Good evening dear readers!

As I concluded the novel called “Coexistence”, which is composed of “The Golden Otter”, “Lota-7″, “Dokagos” and “The Lideka Clan”, here are the details about the second chapter.

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Aside of the title of this 96 pages long sequel, is an extremely dangerous nebula from which no explorer daring enough to visit it never returned.

Since his perilous Honeymoon, Osien Lideka had three children, including one who’s not human.

(You will understand everything if you read chapter one.)

And this alien child’s ancestors come from this nebula.

But Osien swore to this child he will take him there one day.


He will involve a great part of his fortune to honor his promise, and will be forced to bring his whole family.

He will drive the little ship to the limits of the nebula Lota-7, from which strange distress signals come.

The ship will crash on the only planet of the nebula, and its occupants will have no choice but waiting for death…

… Or maybe not?