[Concluded] Quantum Cabin

Good morning dear readers!

I’ve been far from writing for a long while.

In fact, I was busy with an other artistic occupation I got to make big projects concrete with.

But I recently got back to the basis, ending a sci-fi book I left aside.

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“Quantum Cabin”


A World where the technology of quantum entanglement is usable round the corner of the street!


Roughly, what’s quantum entanglement?

The possibility to record a living being’s biological datas at atomic scale, to destruct the original entity and convert it in digital datas, so it can be transfered to an other place and reconstruct the living being thanks to these datas.

This technology could be the way Man finally got able to teleport himself.

A Quantum Cabin looks like a regular Phone Cabin, allowing the user to call, but also to transfer themselves to any Cabin of the international network.


In “Quantum Cabin”, you can follow the scientific progress of the scientists responsible of this big discovery, as they work on new prototypes and try to take steps non affordable yet.

But Quantum Cabin is also a story of industrial spying, a clear view on the society of this time, toppling off destinies, and a very human dimension to explore.


Ready for the quantum carrying?

But before operating your carrying, it is essential to remind the security rules about the use of a Quantum Cabin:

Rule number 1: It is recommended not to ingest food within the thirty minutes before any quantum carrying procedure–

Rule number 2: It is recommended to wear a suit homologated for quantum carrying procedures–

Rule number 3: It is recommended to take the least personnal belongings possible during any quantum carrying procedure–

Rule number 4: It is vital to operate the quantum carrying of only one living being at the same time. Il est vital de n’opérer le portage quantique que d’un être vivant à la fois. The procedure automation allows, if necessary, to transfer an animal–


You’re in good standing? Dial 1!