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[Concluded] The Converted

Good evening dear readers!

Today, I finally got to conclude my whole new science-fiction novel, a 465 pages long book I had infinite pleasure to write.

Then, how did the idea come to me, and what tale does it tell?

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“The Converted”

A book which was originally called “When the Wind Whistles…”

Because the idea popped in my head by a day of strong wind, a wind howling and whistling stronger than I ever heard it. Rarely.

I then had a kind of flash: mysterious disappearances happening when the wind starts whistling like this.

At that point, I ignored it was going to be a science-fiction book, but the idea followed me so much that I let it maturing, and found more inspiration to know where I was going, and why do these disappearances were occuring.

The idea hidden behind all this seemed to me dangerously close to Matrix, then it took me even more inspiration to go the furthest I could from it.

Now, what does this story tell?


“The Converted”

A story populated with mysterious disappearances, right,

But above all else, a novel at first-person sight, splitted into three different points of view.

First, the story of a young man waken up from the coma by a medical miracle called “Conversion”.

A young man able to see what nobody else can see…

A young man who will discover a world freed from fear, suffering and illness…

… Well… Almost.