Le Clan Lideka

[Concluded] The Lideka Clan

Good evening dear readers!

As I concluded the novel called “Coexistence”, which is composed of “The Golden Otter”“Lota-7”, “Dokagos” and “The Lideka Clan”, here are the details about the fourth chapter.

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“The Lideka Clan”


On Erryeth 87, humans, hybrids and Dokagos, learn to live more or less in harmony.

The Dokagos still live in the wild, and some hybrids decide to conform to this lifestyle.

Osien will meet Sogally, the son of his brother Daltiat, result from an accidental hybridation between him and a female Dokagos.

Apparently human, Sogally possess the incredibly long prehensile tail that is caracteristic to the Dokagos, and also his long canines, mostly feline eyes, and a superhuman muscular power.


During a family dinner, Sogally will make the acquaintance of Liasyse, one of Osien’s hybrid great-granddaughters.

They will instantly fall in love, and Sogally will have to face a great danger to save his love, but also their children…