Le Mur du Temps

[Concluded] The Wall of Time

Good evening, dear readers!

For this 16th of August, I’m going to tell you about a story that wasn’t supposed to be known.

In fact, it was a total 18 pages failure to me…

Until I turned into a good 100 pages book!

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“The Wall of Time”


An old worthless story to me, so bad I didn’t even bother to think about a title for this.

The story of a writer unable to find the sacred fire again, facing failures with the stories he submits to his editor.

Until one day, when a weird stranger chased by an armada as strange as he, drops a mysterious object.

The young author picks it up, curious to know what this is…

… And accidentally finds out it is a time device!

What will he do of this extraordinary power?

Should he even use it?

Only time will tell…