Quand on joue avec les sentiments

[Concluded] When one plays with the feelings…

Good morning dear readers!

Yes, it’s been a while since I last posted on that blog, though I had an intense period of writing various fanfictions.

I also wrote some novels of a little size that couldn’t have a sequel, as the one I’m telling you about…

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“When one plays with the feelings…”


Is clearly the inheritor of the spirit of an other novel I wrote long ago, titled “I don’t like the real world…” 

Though I never spoke about it, but I count on summing up some of my pretty old works you didn’t know they exist. 



“When one plays with the feelings…”


The story of a young girl named Susie and her brother Paul, in conflict about a whole new conception of video games.

The famous “Creation Pack” from the society this revolution belongs to will be the center of their argument, as this “Pack” allows the player to create entirely the character he will face the 623 video games from this society.

Why are they in conflict? 

Because Susie supports the idea they should interact with the character as far as the equipments and game modes allows them to, and acting concerned towards the character to obtain the best results.  But Paul doesn’t believe in this, and demands a demonstration.

And this will be for Jules, Susie’s unique character, the beginning of a virtual nightmare where Paul will quickly regret he plunged him in…