[Concluded] DNAbuses Volume IV: The DNAddict has never existed…”

Good morning dear readers!

I’m glad to announce you that the fourth volume of DNAbuses is on the way!

He’s untitled for the moment, but when I’ll find a title, you’ll be informed about it!

To explain this Tome, 

It is the direct sequel of the Third Volume, as the terrible ill continues to infest people.

Some people flee, the weather has no logic anymore, a global cannibalism rules the entire world…


Will Humanity survive?  

Are Nature’s Children really safe? 

Is there a way to stop this terrifying DNA eater? 


Answers in the fourth Volume of DNAbuses!


Let me remind you that you can preorder the First Volume of DNAbuses, by now and in the 51 following days only.


20th July EDIT: 

DNAbuses Volume IV has now a title: “The DNAddict has never existed…” (original: “Le DNAddict n’a jamais existé…”) 

Enigmatic title, for the sequel of a Volume that talked about nothing but the DNAddict itself… 

For information, it has now reached its third part and 56th page! 


21st July EDIT : 

DNAbuses Volume IV has reached its Fourth Part!  

It now counts over 70 pages now, the conclusion of the plot is near! 

Will Humanity be lucky this time again… ? 


22nd July EDIT: 

Yes, DNAbuses Volume IV is concluded! 

I announce yet this Volume will be the last of this novel, so DNAbuses is now over… 

To give you a little taste, here is the tab index, and a little catchphrase: 


“- You’re loosing all your sap by the bark… You’re undergoing a massive exsanguination ! 
- Huh ?! An ex-what ? 
The researcher rummaged in his statements : 
- If you were human, you would be bleeding by every hole of your body !” 

Don’t miss the First Volume is available for pre-order on! 


Volume IV

« The DNAddict has never existed… » 

Part I

« Don’t infest me !
I’m giving Humanity an opportunity ! »

Part II

« The guardian of the parasite ?
A dragon is necessary for princess
Modularia Phagocyta ? »

Part III

« I must confess I’m not really informed: 
it’s not convenient to hold a journal 
with rat legs… »

Part IV

« Yeah, so by now, 
let’s reforest the World ! »

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